2016 Sustainability Report

Washington REIT is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency throughout our portfolio.

Sustainability Mission Statement


Washington REIT’s mission is to lead the Washington, DC region in positive environmental, social, and ethical impacts through best-in-class asset operations and strong relationships with our tenants, investors, and community.


Setting a Sustainability Baseline and Tracking Progress


Washington REIT has long understood the value of operating properties in an efficient and sustainable manner. Emphasizing the priority of efficiency to our employees, tenants, and vendor partners is inherent in Washington REIT’s operation of best-in-class properties. However, we recognize that to ensure effectiveness, these practices must be standardized with uniform implementation methods to allow for better tracking and reporting of progress. Accordingly, over the course of the past year, Washington REIT has embarked on an effort to integrate standard sustainability practices throughout our portfolio operations.


Through this effort, we have defined sustainable practices in five operational areas and established methods to track and report against the following objectives:


Energy Management


  • 100% of properties will be benchmarked in ENERGY STAR
  • 100% of eligible properties will be certified annually
  • 90% of Office properties will have real-time energy interval data
    • All such properties will have annual energy reduction targets
  • 75% Demand Response yield (delivered capacity vs nominated capacity)




  • 50% of cleaning products purchased will be sustainable
  • 50% of cleaning equipment in use will be sustainable


Waste Management


  • 50% of ongoing consumables waste will be diverted from landfill
  • 70% of construction waste will be diverted from landfill
  • 75% of durable goods waste will be diverted from landfill
  • 100% of mercury containing lamps will be recycled


Exterior Maintenance


  • 50% of snow and ice melt products used will be sustainable
  • 50% of fertilizer used will be sustainable
  • 60% of paints and sealants used will be sustainable
  • 100% of landscape waste will be diverted from landfill


Pest Management


  • 100% universal notification for application of pesticides


Sustainability Achievements


  • 2.6 million square feet of LEED certified space
  • 2.7 million square feet of ENERGY STAR certified space
  • 43,000 pounds of electronics waste recycled in 2015
  • 2.3 MW of Demand Response capacity delivered



Case Study: Washington Real Estate Investment Trust Established Best-in-Class Energy Program with EnerNOC




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