Paul McDermott, CEO

We are creative, committed, and ambitious.

WashREIT is made up of growth-oriented, hardworking individuals dedicated to transforming creative ideas into decisive action. Our flat organizational structure facilitates frequent, meaningful interactions with company executives, and our commitment to teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit enables employees at every level to conceptualize ideas and make them happen. We create an environment for innovative and creative people to build a career that makes a difference — to the company and in the real-estate industry.

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Our values create value

WashREIT runs on rigor, collaboration, and commitment. We create an environment for engaged people to do what they do best while learning, growing, and contributing in meaningful ways to build a better company. As professionals and individuals, we trust, encourage, and support one another, driving our pursuit of excellence. 




We are committed to our employees and the communities where we work.

We believe in giving our employees the tools and voice they need to succeed and building our communities for a better place. Whether through employee property tours, quarterly townhalls, annual employee engagement surveys, or fundraising events, we work together to continuously build a better company and a better community.

Images from 2019, pre-COVID.

We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

We believe diversity drives innovation. Companies that are diverse are proven to be better companies. We are building a culture where differences are valued and creating an environment for people to do what they do best while learning, growing, and affecting company change through meaningful contributions.

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